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Great wines start with great grapes, so we secured the best grapes of the Okanagan Valley in the Oliver-Osoyoos area. This, combined with old fashioned, traditional, proven techniques (without chemicals or mechanical pumps) and uncompromising quality (using only brand new barriques), we create wines that are winning ...

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There are few things more glamorous than a summer wedding at our winery! Host up to 40 guests for an intimate evening in our solarium, or 175 on our terrace.  The stunning view from our south-facing piazza is the perfect backdrop for your romantic wedding! Pair our wines with amazing culinary dishes, and you'll be ready to celebrate!

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Our wine tastings are always fun, friendly, and informative! Bring a group or just come with a friend. We’d love to introduce you to our award-winning wines, and show you around our winery as well! Our wine tastings are great for the oenophile or those who are new to wine! Our Tasting Room is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 11 to 5. 

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Blackwood Lane Winery is proof that you can’t throw away tradition if you want to produce world-class wine. Carlos Lee, owner of Blackwood Lane, has an abiding love and respect for the traditional French winemaking practices, and the results are undeniable - love at first sip. But just how does Carlos create magic in a bottle? Quality over quantity.

The keyword is “handcrafted”. Blackwood Lane wines are made with well-grown BC grapes of the Okanagan Valley in the Oliver-Osoyoos area, fine French oak barrels and most importantly, time. Blackwood Lane red wines are aged at least three years before being released. This creates a smooth, well-integrated wine that offers layers of fine flavours and aromas. While the red wines can be cellared for many years, it’s not a necessity as Carlos releases them only when he feels they are ready to drink.

Blackwood Lane wines are deliciously fruit-forward with very fine tannins and are free of harsh chemicals or additives. Since there are no fining agents such as Isinglass and egg whites, our wines are also vegan! World-class wine for all!



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The President iconic wine by Blackwood Lane Winery


The Ultimate Wine Challenge

This was an exciting experience!

Two extraordinary wines, an exceptionally delicious dinner, great co-workers to enjoy it with, and a special birthday to celebrate (Carlos'). That's how this night went.

Our winery family was interested in how The President would compare to the famous and sought after Chateau Cheval Blanc. Carlos happened to have a 1995 Cheval Blanc in his cellar. 1995's vintage was considered to be one of the better ones in the St-Emilion appellation. So, we had a glass of each, side by side, with dinner. It was amazing how similar they were! Of course, the vintages were 15 years apart, so we took that into consideration.

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