Blackwood Lane Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

While Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated, many people are not clear as to its significance beyond the fact that it translates from the Spanish to “The 5th of May”.  And while, for most people, that’s all they need to know for an excuse to party, the day actually commemorates a Mexican underdog victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.


Grapes Not Guns 
While perhaps not immediately obvious, the historical significance of the day is actually apropos to Carlos Lee’s Blackwood Lane. Raised in Peru, Carlos also won an underdog victory over the French! In his case, grapes, not guns, were his weapons of choice. Indeed, he’s spent decades crafting and perfecting his wines in the image of the greatest French wineries, and, as is sometimes the case, the apprentice surpasses his master! Carlos’ most recent wine challenge proved the latter point, as his 2009 The Referènce beat out world-class French wines, some valued at over $350 a bottle. Now that’s a victory!


A Sold-Out Success 
Saturday evening was also a victory of sorts, as Blackwood Lane’s sold-out Cinco de Mayo celebration was a total success! With a waitlist of over 50 guests, it became clear that people were excited about Blackwood Lane’s much anticipated first outdoor event of the year. They’ll have to add more tables and chairs next time!


Summer Breeze 
The sombrero and ponchoed guests were welcomed with bubbly and ushered onto the gorgeous terrace with its stunning views of Mount Baker and the surrounding lush, vernal, rustic beauty. The sun was out, and a warm breeze wafted over the terrace as the 6-piece Latin band treated guests to their upbeat tunes.

An Oasis 
Something magical happens when you step out on the terrace at Blackwood Lane: you seem 1000 miles from your house yet feel right at home! Indeed, one could be in the Bordeaux region of France, or the northern region of Italy’s Tuscany! It’s a place that feels out of time, like being in a Monet painting. Carlos has created in Blackwood Lane, not just a winery, but an oasis – a place where one can feel a sense of calm and peace, a place to exhale and relax. All of this, and only an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver!

High on the Hog 
Perhaps the highlight of the event was the spit-roasted whole pig and house-made gourmet pizza! Guests were treated to a fabulous Mexican-inspired feast and had the opportunity to pair it with the best wine in Canada!

The fabulous thing about Carlos’ wines is that whether one chooses white, red or rosé, one can rest assured it will pair elegantly with one’s meal.  When it’s handcrafted, free of chemicals and fining agents, and made with love, whatever wine one chooses will be the right choice!

World-class wine, a sumptuous feast, lively guests, sun-drenched terrace, and a great band – it was certainly a victorious way to kick off summer at Blackwood Lane! We can’t wait for Carlos and his team to host another event!

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