Honoré de Balzac once stated, “a mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.” In this way, great mothers and fine wine share similar traits, as fine wine is something that is often saved for the future but contains within it the essence of halcyon days – a sort of bottled remembrance. One uncorks a cherished vintage and, genie-like, the past emerges from within to co-mingle with the present – blurring time altogether. In this way, fine wine, like our mothers, is both memory and memory-making.


Fine Wines for Fabulous Moms! 
The comparison of world-class wine and fabulous moms inspired Blackwood Lane to fête these wonderful ladies with a special Mother’s Day wine tasting and cellar tour! The day was a smashing (or should we say crushing?) success!


Only the Best for Mom 
Throughout the day, families large and small, from near and far, arrived at Blackwood Lane and were treated to a special wine tasting. As the VIP moms and their families entered the winery, they were welcomed with a mouth-watering selection of gorgeous charcuterie that perfectly complimented the fine wines they were about to sample. They had the good fortune to sample the best wines in Canada, including Alliànce, and Blackwood Lane’s iconic The Referènce! Only the best for our Mothers!

VIP Wine Cellar Tour 
After the wine tasting, families were escorted to the wine cellar and treated to a VIP tour, conducted by owner and winemaker, Carlos Lee! The ever-ebullient, Carlos, explained how he makes his wines, which are all hand-crafted in the time-honoured French tradition. However, he not only edified, but entertained with stories of his childhood, how he came to love fine wine, and what inspired him to go on to create the best vintages in Canada! The Families learned about Carlos’ early experience unwittingly drinking invaluable bottles of French wine, Napoleon’s draconian rules around wine production, and trips in search of the best wine in Canada as a student in University!  If you want the details, you’ll have to book a cellar tour, as Carlos’ wine-making secrets stay in the wine cellar!

Fruits of Blackwoods Labour 
One of the perks of the Mothers Day Cellar Tour was getting to sample the wine directly from the barrel! As Carlos explained the finer points of his wine-making process, he shared the fruits of his labour (pun intended) with his special guests–definitely a highlight of the day!

Mothers Day Perfection 
The weather could not have been lovelier, and families spent time lounging on the breathtaking terrace which boasts million-dollar views of Mount Baker and its lush rural surroundings. Guests commented that they felt as if they could be in Tuscany or Provence, as they relaxed while sipping on Blackwood’s perfect-for-summer 2014 Chardonnay2016 Viognier, and, 2015 Angelina Rosé! A perfect day for perfect moms!

The Gift of Memories-Made 
One of the greatest gifts one can give one’s mother is not material, but something more intangible and precious–the creation of a beautiful memory. Blackwood’s special Mother’s Day event was such a gift, and the families that came out for the experience will remember the day for years to come! The bottles of fine wine they took home with them, like their moms, will be as a beacon, lighting the future, but also serve as a touchstone – a memory of a perfect family outing.


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