Canada Day is a chance for those lucky enough to live in this vast and diverse country to celebrate and reflect upon what it is to be Canadian. We are a not the easiest nation to define, and often our identity has been built upon what we are not. When one sleeps, as Pierre Trudeau once claimed, “next to an elephant,” this type of definition-by-contrast is to be expected. However, more recently, Canadians seem to be forging a new identity, rejecting the tired old stereotypes and embracing the reality that, as poet Shane Koyczan claims, “we are more.” Indeed, this now famous ode to Canada, commissioned and performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics, states:

          We are more than sticky maple syrup and clean snow 
          We do more than grow wheat and beer 
          We are vineyards of good year after good year.

The last line of that passage brings us to Blackwood Lane Winery, a gem in the heart of British Columbia, whose handmade wines embody what it means to be Canadian!  Indeed, their inaugural and signature wine, Alliànce, is the perfect metaphor for Canada, as, like this amazing country, its greatness comes from the fact that it’s a blend!

It’s the blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot and Cab Franc that creates dimension, complexity, texture, flavour, and character-—qualities that are also evident in this great country. And just like Canada, Alliànce defies a singular definition, as it’s constantly evolving with time. 

A Quintessentially Canadian Experience

Born in South Korea, raised in Peru, and educated in the United States and Canada, vintner and Blackwood Lane’s owner, Carlos Lee, is the quintessential Canadian. He’s part of the mosaic that makes this country fabulous, and what better way to celebrate the unity in diversity that both Carlos and his wines embody than with the most incredible Canada Day Patio Party!

The sun came out just in time for Canada Day, and Blackwood Lane’s patio was awash in sunlight as guests made their way to the winery to spend a spectacular evening with Carlos and the extended Blackwood Lane family.

Hip Hip Rosé!

Guests were greeted with a glass of the just-released 2014 Ruby Rosé! This blend of late harvest Riesling and Cabernet Franc is a rich, full-bodied rosé with subtle flavours of ripe strawberries and rhubarb—perfect for their summer patio!

Stepping out onto the patio, guests were treated to a live concert! What could be more Canadian than listening to the Latin band Grupo Asi Somos playing infectious tunes as guests imbibed world-class wines on a summer patio overlooking lush green fields and breathtaking snow-capped mountains!


Dancing the Night Away

And if that were not enough, guests were treated to Ceviche appetizers and the most mouth-watering Paella, both made fresh in-house at the winery! What better way to celebrate the true north, strong and free than by pairing culinary creations with the most elegant white wines and world-class reds, and then dancing into the night surrounded by good friends, old and new alike.


An Evening to Remember

Canada Day at Blackwood Lane was truly a memorable evening, made possible by a very special winery. A place where people of all races, cultures, and backgrounds are welcome; a place where everyone feels at home.  A place where “we are more.”

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