Blackwood Lane Winery has long been famous for its world-class wines, but this summer all that changed! Well, to be clear, they are still known for having the best wines in Canada, but now they are also synonymous with romance!

Rural Romance

Indeed, this summer was a special one for the winery as they officially opened their premises for wedding events! The marriage (pun intended) of the winery and weddings makes perfect sense, as there is something undeniably romantic about the breathtaking rural location, with its stunning views of Mount Baker, rolling fields and beautiful horses and deer meandering in the distance.

Making Memories

From the moment wedding guests drive through the grand iron gates and up the tree-lined driveway, they feel as if they’ve been transported to a magical place–a place where the grapes, the wine, and the breeze wafting over the sunlit terrace, commingle to create a romantic synesthesia that will not soon be forgotten. And, when it comes to your wedding, isn’t it all about choosing a location that will create lasting memories which will be etched indelibly on our collective memories?


Create Your Own Personal Fairytale

Sitting on their grand terrace, it’s easy to forget you’re less than an hour from Downtown Vancouver! In fact, visitors to Blackwood Lane often comment that they feel as though they could be in Tuscany or Provence. It’s certainly a place that exists out of time where you can create your own personal fairytale experience, which is one of the reasons it’s so ideal for wedding events!

Fire Pits, Water Features, and Gazebos. Oh My!

Blackwood Lane boasts a magnificent terrace, complete with fire pits, water features, and gazebo. With seating for 200, there is ample room for the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.


Sensational Solarium

Blackwood also has a fabulous solarium with the same great view of the mountains and gorgeous vernal surroundings. The solarium is perfect for a buffet style dinner or, for smaller wedding parties, a long table sit down dinner can be arranged.

The Wedding Party

Blackwood Lane comes complete with a bridal suite and an adjacent large private room for the wedding party to prepare for the big moment! With ample space and many washrooms, everyone in the wedding party can prepare with ease and peace of mind.


Picture Perfect

One of the best aspects of having a wedding at Blackwood Lane is that it’s a photographer’s dream. With its sublime backdrop, it’s hard to take a bad picture! Your visual media team can get creative as well, as they can use drones to capture the big day–just one of the benefits of a rural location!

Practical Parking

One of the greatest benefits of a wedding at Blackwood Lane is the free guest parking. Unlike weddings held in the city, where parking can be elusive and very expensive, Blackwood Lane has ample parking, saving guests time, hassle and money! They can also provide shuttles to transport guests from the parking lot to the winery, which is especially helpful for those in high heels!


Dreams Come True at Blackwood Lane

If you’re looking for a winery wedding location, we’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to call or email! Blackwood Lane would love to make your wedding dreams come true.

Photo credit: Wines of British Columbia

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