It was one of those perfect late summer August days when I got a call from my good friends inviting me to spend the afternoon with them at Blackwood Lane Winery. Living in the hustle and bustle of downtown, Vancouver, I was more than happy to accept! Within an hour we were driving along quaint country roads dotted with family farms and fruit stands. I felt the stress of the city melt away as we drove through Blackwood Lane’s iron gates and up their tree-lined drive that curves gently upward, revealing a stunning view of the mountains and the lushly green surrounding fields—a view that slowly reveals itself, like the unwrapping of a precious gift. Before we even walked through the doors of the winery, I knew there was something special about this place.

World-Class Wine for Real People

As we entered the winery, we were warmly greeted by their Product Manager, Kelli, who hosted our wine tasting. While the wines were outstanding (truly the best we’d had in Canada) Kelli ’s expertise and knowledge with regards to how the wines were made and which food they paired best with, made the tasting not only fun, but highly interesting and educational. Her genuine passion for the wine shone through. My friend, who is new to wine tasting, commented that he felt so welcome and comfortable throughout the experience. Indeed, it was clear from the moment we entered the winery that Blackwood Lane is a place for both oenophiles and wine newbies alike! The focus at Blackwood Lane is creating world-class wine for real people.

Patio Paradise

After an outstanding wine tasting experience, we decided to buy a bottle of their signature wine, Alliance—an outstanding blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc—and sit at a shaded table on their breathtaking patio. While it’s hard to improve upon perfection, Kimberley, Blackwood Lane’s General Manager, served up some gourmet Tuscan-style pizzas, made from scratch in their brick pizza oven! Add one of their gourmet picnic baskets, which included a selection of locally-sourced, organic charcuterie and cheeses, and we were truly in Paradise!

The combination of world-class wine, gourmet Tuscan-Style pizza, and mouth-watering charcuterie was truly an epicurean dream come true. Mix in the stunning view and sumptuous rural beauty and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect summer day.


A Mini-Vacation

Blackwood Lane is a place that can only be described as “timeless.” It’s a place where you can decompress and de-stress and leave the world behind. Even though we were only an hour out of Vancouver, we felt as if we were a million miles away! We left the winery feeling refreshed, regenerated and recharged!


The Blackwood Lane Family

Blackwood Lane is a special winery. Handmade wines made in the French tradition, passionate, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and breathtaking rural surroundings all come together to create a unique and unforgettable experience. We had the best day at Blackwood Lane and we’re excited to visit again! It only takes one visit to Blackwood Lane to feel like you’re part of their family!

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