Click with Confidence The Beauty of Blackwood Lane’s Online Store

We go through life pressing all sorts of buttons. Pressing some bring actual reward, but you’d be surprised how many are ‘placebo’ buttons — buttons that we think work, but actually don’t do anything at all!


Pressing Our Buttons

According to a 2008 article in the New Yorker, the ‘close’ buttons on many elevators don’t actually work, giving us a false feeling of control. And for those of you who have had an ongoing suspicion with regards to the efficacy of street crossing buttons, you may have been right all along. Indeed, computers and timers now control many of the lights at intersections, and the buttons have been disabled.


Our Spectacular Online Store

While this information may be a little disconcerting, we are happy to assure you that when you click on the wine at our online store, the rewards are immediate, very real and spectacular! Pressing our buttons is no Pavlovian deception! Although, we guarantee you will salivate over the images of our wines while ordering them! 

A Statement and a Question

When someone experiences Blackwood Lane wine for the first time, it’s invariably followed by a statement and a question:


1. This is the best BC wine I’ve ever had!


     2. Where can I buy it?!

Of course, our wines are available at our winery, but they’re also all available for purchase at our online store!


Benefits of Buying Directly Online

Ordering Blackwood Lane wines online is a uniquely satisfying experience. When you click on the purchase button, you know that you’ve just ordered an unparalleled BC wine. You’ll feel the rare pride of knowing that, delivered to your door, are rare gems that compare to the best wines in France.


Local, Organic, Handcrafted Wine

There is something very special about knowing that the wines you order from Blackwood Lane are handcrafted by owner and master winemaker, Carlos Lee, himself. His wine is as far from mass produced as you can get! In a way, every bottle of Blackwood Lane is a limited edition vintage, as the family-owned, boutique winery has always emphasized the highest quality over quantity.

Easy, Fast and Secure

While we love it when people come out and visit us at the winery, we know that convenience is a very real factor, and we want to make it as easy as we can for you to enjoy your favourite Blackwood Lane wines! That’s why we’ve completely redesigned and re-built our online store! You can take comfort in knowing that you can purchase our wine quickly, easily, and above all, safely! Our online store uses the most up-to-date security, so you know that each purchase you make is stress-free and completely secure.


Old World Traditions, Modern Day Convenience

We’re very proud of our world-class wines, and nothing gives us more pleasure than making it easier for our valued customers to purchase them. While we are committed to preserving the old-world winemaking traditions — creating our wines by hand with passion and love — we embrace the modern world of convenience. It’s truly the best of both worlds.


Blackwood Lane at the Click of a Button

Now you can bring the world of Blackwood Lane right to your doorstep with a few clicks of a mouse! Now that’s a button worth pressing!

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