Blackwood Lane’s History-Making Release Truly Lives Up to Its Name.

Regal, majestic, noble, dignified and graceful. Carlos Lee, owner of Blackwood Lane Winery, explains, “I wanted to make The Presidènt largely to earn the elusive 100 point score. The Referènce scored a 98, so creating The Presidènt was a labour of love for me and an extension of my perfectionist nature, and as the President of Blackwood Lane, I wanted to create a wine that would meet my highest of standards.  Originally, we made The Referènce to set the bar—the standard for all other wines. Now I feel it’s time to release something completely unique.” Mission accomplished!


Spared No Expense

To create The Presidènt, Carlos set aside the very best barrels he had. He explains, “2010 was the last year we sourced the grapes from different vineyards. This wine was made from a vineyard in Osoyoos that was largely made up of rocks and stones. Originally, the owner didn’t really know what to do with the land in this condition, as it was deemed agricultural by the province. That was until someone told him that the best Left Bank wines in France were grown in similarly rocky conditions.


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Sweeter 

In nature, as in life, struggle often increases value. Diamonds are created through extreme pressure, and gold is purified in fire. It’s this same struggle that helped create Blackwood Lane’s finest wine to date. “Grapes are a hardy bunch,” muses Carlos, “and a vine that struggles produces exquisite fruit. You get fewer grapes, but they are full of flavour and sugar. It’s a survival mechanism, as the plant is saving energy and that energy is stored as sugar. The more struggle, the more the plant wants to store energy, so the fruit tends to be super sweet. The vineyard was full of rocks, but the grapes are of the highest quality.”

A Legendary Wine

Make no mistake, The Presidènt was created by an enophile for oenophiles. As Carlos says, “2010 was the last time that we had a chance to get grapes from that particular vineyard. It’s a once in a lifetime wine. There will never be another The Presidènt. This is an iconic wine that will set the bar for all Canadian wines to come.” Indeed, Carlos only made 300 magnums of The Presidènt, so wine enthusiast will not want to wait to own their very own bottle for their collection. This is a prestige wine to be sure! 

Rarified Red

If you’d like to own a bottle of history-making wine—one that will never be duplicated, call Blackwood Lane Winery today! You won’t want to miss out on your chance to add this greatness -in-a-bottle to your personal wine collection. You’ll certainly be the envy of your friends with The Presidènt in your wine cellar!

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