Every Christmas many of us are faced with the same age-old problem: what to get for the loved ones in our lives who have everything!? Let’s face it, no one needs more scented candles (please!) or picture frames, and gift cards seem entirely too impersonal. I understand that the struggle is real, but luckily, Blackwood Lane has the solution to your gift-giving conundrum! Quite simply, Blackwood Lane’s handcrafted world-class wines make the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. Indeed, gifting a bottle of their organic, locally crafted, fine wine speaks volumes about how you feel about the special people in your life.


Message in a Bottle

Marshall McLuhan famously stated, “the medium is the message.” Indeed, when you gift a bottle of Blackwood Lane wine, you’re saying a lot without even speaking a word! The wine does all the talking.   


Only the Best

We want the best for our loved ones and when it comes to Christmas, one way of showing how much we care is giving them the gift of handcrafted quality. The truth is that the type of wine you decide to bring to a Christmas party sends a message. In my humble opinion, I believe that showing up to a Christmas dinner party with a store-bought, mass-produced wine sends the wrong message. However, bringing a bottle of Blackwood Lane says that you truly care–that you only want the best for your friends and loved ones.

A Christmas Dinner Caveat

Speaking from personal experience, the only danger of bringing Blackwood Lane wines to a dinner party is that they tend to become the main event! Upon first sips from uninitiated guests, the dinner conversation quickly shifts, and comments such as “OMG, this wine is incredible!” and “where can I buy this wine?” quickly take over dinner table talk. Be prepared for Blackwood Lane wines to steal the spotlight from Aunt Sharon’s famous cranberry sauce!

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