Groucho Marx famously remarked that he would never join a club that would have him as one of their members. However, he clearly never visited Blackwood Lane Winery! There probably has never been a better time to join their Sommelier Wine club and unless you’re related to one of the Marx Brothers, we highly recommend signing up! You’ll be happy that you did!


Unpretentious and Inviting

We know that the idea of joining a sommelier club can evoke an air of pretension that can scare some people away, but let’s just put that idea to rest now. The only thing you’ll discover when you experience Blackwood Lane’s wines is outstanding world-class quality. What you won’t taste is attitude or snobbery. Blackwood Lane is a small family-owned winery, and they love making wine in the traditional French way. However, what Carlos Lee, owner of Blackwood Lane, loves more than anything is to share his wines with his Blackwood Lane family. You don’t need to know anything about wine or be an oenophile to join—just a desire to experience the best wines in Canada with a great group of folks from diverse walks of life!


Join the Blackwood Family

Attending a Blackwood Lane event feels more like a family reunion than anything else! Indeed, Carlos has a unique ability to make everyone who enters his winery feel right at home—one of the reasons why people keep coming back year after year!

The Benefits of Membership

When you join Blackwood Lane’s sommelier club, you’ll enjoy all the perks of membership! First off, you’ll get 4 shipments of Blackwood Lane’s handmade wines per year. Blackwood Lane can select the bottles for you or you can custom order them yourself. Each shipment is between $180 to $200 dollars per shipment–a very reasonable price to pay for handmade world-class wines made in the traditional French fashion! Not only will you get the best wines in Canada delivered right to your door, but you’ll get free delivery within Greater Vancouver, and very affordable shipping to areas outside of Greater Vancouver.  Further to this, you’ll get an email notification prior to each delivery, and you’ll also be alerted to new and limited wine releases and member events. About perhaps the best part of membership: A 10% discount on all wines!

The Lower Mainlands Hidden Gem

Over the last year, Carlos has been busy updating and renovating his gorgeous winery, creating an oasis for wine lovers the world over! Less than an hour’s drive from Downtown Vancouver, Blackwood Lane is a gem that’s surprisingly accessible! Guests often remark that they feel as if they’re in Italy as they enjoy a bottle of Blackwood Lane wine on the fabulous terrace which boasts breathtaking views of Mount Baker.

Join Today!

There really has never been a better time to join Blackwood Lane’s Sommelier Club! Joining is simple! Just click here and fill out the online form! Carlos and his Blackwood Lane team would love to welcome you into the family!

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