Friends, Family and Fine Wine!  Blackwood Lane’s Member Appreciation Evening

From the very beginning, Blackwood Lane’s owner, Carlos Lee, set out to create a winery that produced hand-made wines in the original French tradition. From the very outset, his focus was on quality, not quantity—one simply can’t mass produce wine this good! As a result, Carlos has built a special relationship with his customers. In fact, to call them customers almost feels like a misnomer—they are more like friends and family.


Blackwood Lane’s Beloved Members

Indeed, Blackwood Lane “customers” are a loyal cabal for two reasons: Carlos’ famous hospitality and the very real fact that once people taste his wines, they find themselves becoming “Blackwood Lane monogamists,” finding little to no desire to imbibe other wines—something akin to wine infidelity for most of Carlos’ beloved members. 

A Growing Family

So, it’s for these reasons that Carlos holds his annual Membership Appreciation Evening, an invite-only celebration in honour of his Blackwood Lane family. And it seems that every year his family grows! This year, he had over 50 guests in attendance. There were lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones too! 

The evening was delightful as usual as old friends caught up with each other and new guests formed, to quote from Casablanca, “the beginning of beautiful friendships.”

Nectar of the Gods

And of course, there was the wine—that fabulous Blackwood Lane nectar of the Gods that disseminates a very specific type of joy that only Carols’ wines can evoke. That evening, guest’s glasses were kept full (thanks to Blackwood Lane’s attentive staff) with their iconic Vicūna Roja and their exquisite Chardonnay. Sufficed to say, the mood was festive. Lots of laughter and revelry to be sure!

The celebration was enhanced by Savoury City, the best custom caterers in Vancouver! For those not in the know, Savoury City is famous for catering the most fabulous weddings and events in the Lower Mainland! This evening, they didn’t disappoint! When you pair the best caterer in the city with the best winery in BC, the result is pure culinary magic!

Wine Pairing Highlights

Savoury City perfectly captured the essence of Carlos’ wine philosophy: traditional yet innovative. This was reflected in their menu with modern and playful takes on classics such as Coquille St. Jacques, Lamb Ossobucco, and the delightful mini Yorkshire Puddings. Not only were these canapés sumptuous, but they paired perfectly with the 2015 Vicūna Roja’s blend of earthy and fruity bouquet. Notes of raspberry, jasmine and sandalwood popped when paired with these savoury canapés!

Blackwood Lane’s 2014 Chardonnay, with its buttery, floral aromas, proved the perfect pairing for many of Savoury City’s Cold canapés too! Standouts were the Prawn Palmier, and the outstanding Smoked Salmon and Savoury Shortbread. In short, the food pairings were a dream!

A Grand Success

The evening was a grand success and guests left satiated and happy, and because Carlos is a naturally generous host, guests were treated to 20% off ALL wines that evening! Outstanding world-class wines, the best culinary compliment and interesting and diverse guests made for an evening to remember!

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