The month of May is always special at Blackwood Lane Winery. Well, the truth is that every month is special at the winery, but May is unique as it represents a turning point in the year–a time when the sun begins to shine, the weather starts to warm up and patio season officially begins! So, it’s fitting that Blackwood Lane’s inaugural Spring party is their much anticipated and beloved Cinco de Mayo BBQ!


Celebrate Good Friends, Great BBQ and Fabulous Wine!

For those who are not familiar with Cinco de Mayo, it’s Spanish for “Fifth of May.” Traditionally, the day was observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. However, these days it’s more about celebrating Latin-American culture. And, at Blackwood Lane, it’s also about celebrating good friends, great BBQ and fabulous wine!


The Best of All Worlds

This fabulous event brings together a number of elements: Blackwood Lane’s friends and family, world-class wine and winery owner, Carlos Lee’s, Latin background. For those who don’t know, Carlos was born in South Korea but raised in Peru from a very young age. In this way, he brings together the very best of all cultures!

Live Music on the Patio!

If you’ve never experienced a Cinco de Mayo celebration at Blackwood Lane Winery, you’re in for a real treat! For one, guests are treated to a whole roast pig to go with a plethora of Latin-inspired dishes! Add to that live Latin music provided by the always upbeat Grupo Asi Somos! And to get things rocking, all guests receive a complimentary glass of bubbly when they arrive! Once through the French doors, you’ll make your way to Blackwood Lane’s iconic patio where you’ll take in breathtaking views of Mount Baker and lush rolling farmland–all while sipping on Canada’s best wines and listening to the Latin grooves!

Carlos Lee: The Host with the Most!

Like all events at Blackwood Lane, Carlos is the host with the most! Perhaps the one thing that he loves more than making the highest quality handmade wines is sharing them with his Blackwood Lane family! To be honest, Carlos’ wine is so good that it’s best shared with family and friends and those you love! Just like great art, or a perfect sunset, Blackwood Lane is just better when shared! And, don’t worry. If you’ve never been to a Blackwood Lane event, you’ll find yourself making fast friends! Indeed, you won’t find wine snobs at Blackwood Lane, just great folks who love and appreciate the very best wine!

Every Day is a Celebration

Visiting this gem is a highlight for anyone who loves fine handmade wine made in the traditional French fashion! If you can’t make it for their Cinco de Mayo celebration (tickets are selling fast!), don’t fret, as every day at Blackwood Lane Winery is a celebration! Carlos and his knowledgeable staff would love to see you soon!


The Deets

What: Cinco de Mayo
Where: Blackwood Lane Winery (Terrace)
When: May 5th from 5:30 to 8: pm

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