Well, it’s official! Summer has definitely arrived in British Columbia! It’s a special time of the year for those of us who live in this province! Indeed, we patiently endure the rain, sleet and snow knowing that we’ll be rewarded with a few fabulous summer months. And if you’re like most Vancouverites, when summer hits, you want to make the most of it!

The Cure for “Summerxiety!”

I don’t know if anyone’s coined the term for it yet, but let’s call it “summerxeity.” It’s that feeling that you get when the sun finally comes out and you feel you need to get out as soon as possible and do as many summery outdoor activities as you can before the weather changes!

Avoid the Masses

However, what to do is not always an easy decision. When the weekend hits, you want your plans to go perfectly! The beach can be fun, but everyone else in the city has the same idea which can make for a crowded, loud and less-than-peaceful experience. Plus sand gets everywhere! A getaway can also be enjoyable, but often it involves hours of driving which is not so fun!

A Place to Chill

This is where Blackwood Lane Winery comes to the rescue! You’ll never suffer from “summerxeity” ever again! For one thing, they have one of the most gorgeous patios in the Lower Mainland, with a breathtaking view of Mount Baker! Their expansive patio is the perfect place to chill with friends and family. It’s truly a magical location that exudes a sense of peace and relaxation.

Summer Patio Paradise

The old-world elegance of the winery combined with its charming rural setting will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy or France–this is part of the experience that Blackwood Lane’s owner, Carlos Lee, has carefully created. Indeed, it’s hard to believe that in only 45 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, you can find yourself in this summer patio paradise!

Great Patio. Exceptional Wine

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “there are lots of patios in Vancouver. Why go to Blackwood Lane’s?” The answer is simple: the wine. What good is a great patio if the wine is substandard? When you arrive at Blackwood Lane, you’ll experience some of the best wines in Canada! This is because Carlos makes all his wine by hand in the traditional French fashion. Every bottle is lovingly aged to perfection and only released when Carlos feels it’s ready. Blackwood Lane’s wines are an experience in themselves, but when combined with a gorgeous patio the day is truly exceptional!

Patio Pizza Pairing

World-class wine on Blackwood Lane’s legendary patio seems hard to top, but Carlos always finds a way to kick things up a notch! For the optimal Blackwood Lane experience, you’ll want to get a couple of handmade Italian-style pizzas, made-to-order and baked in their pizza oven! Pair it with a bottle of Alliànce or Referènce and you’ve got the perfect summer day!

Best Summer Experience of the Season

The Blackwood Lane family loves to see their guests happy! When you arrive at Blackwood Lane rest assured that they’ll ensure that you’ll have the best summer patio experience of the season! Truly a summer of love and wine!

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