Every season at Blackwood Lane is cause for celebration. Instead of lamenting the nadir of summer, we are excited to usher in the alluring aura of autumn! Indeed, as the leaves turn from green to gorgeous hues of burnt-yellow, rustic-red and chestnut-brown, our gorgeous winery transforms into a romantic Fall fantasy. And what better way to fête the arrival of the season than by joining us for this year’s Harvest Festival!

Feet First at Blackwood Lane!

There are few experiences more fun than grape-stomping. I mean, anyone who has ever seen the iconic I Love Lucy wine stomping skit (if you haven’t, Google it!) understands the visceral delight of the activity—minus falling into the juice! However, while today most wineries don’t make wine in this fashion, using one’s feet to crush grapes is actually an age-old practice that has been used for thousands of years! Known formally as pigeage, which means “punching down,” we love to celebrate the harvest season with some friendly competition, world-class wine and a to-die-for Fall feast!

Stomp to Win a Bottle of Alliance!

On October 19th, from 5 pm to 8 pm, we’d love for you to join us for some foot-loose (literally!) and fancy-free fall festivities! If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand (or feet) at grape stomping, this is definitely the event for you! All you need to do is put together a two-person team (the “Ethel” to your “Lucy”) to compete. Whichever team produces the most juice wins a bottle of our coveted 2009 Alliance, so we suggest doing some pre-stomping cardio and stretches before showing up for the big day!

If you don’t think you’re up to getting your grape stomping on, you are welcome to be a spectator instead and cheer on your friends and family! Everyone is welcome to buy a bottle of wine and enjoy the festivities without getting up to your ankles in grape juice.

A Fall Feast with Chef Lekker

One thing we know for sure is that stomping grapes is a sure way to build an appetite, which is why we hired the renowned Chef Lekker to create a gourmet menu just for this occasion! You and your friends will be spoiled with delectable bites like antipasto platters with cheese, cured meats and homemade bread, bison and cheese sliders, maple syrup salmon sliders, elk and wild boar albondigas with Dijon Mustard and cedar jelly, venison sausage skewers with roasted mushrooms, sweet potatoes and maple syrup tortilla cups with Parmigiano Regiano, mushroom walnut tarts, and, last but not least, truffled nugget potato skewers! This is quintessential Fall Fare that also pairs exquisitely with our hand-made gorgeous reds!

Come Join Us Rain or Shine!

Our Harvest Festival is going to happen rain or shine so we highly recommend bringing weather-appropriate clothes, and blankets, and if you are going to be participating in the wine-stomping competition, you’ll want to bring a change of clothes and a towel too! For more details about this event, please click on the link! We can’t wait to see you for a stomping good time!

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