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Great wines start with great grapes, so we secured the best grapes of the Okanagan Valley in the Oliver-Osoyoos area. This, combined with old fashioned, traditional, proven techniques (without chemicals or mechanical pumps) and uncompromising quality (using only brand new barriques), we create wines that are winning accolades and praise from wine lovers and connoisseurs all over.


Merlot Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery

The 2010 President is our once in a lifetime iconic Bordeaux-style blend of Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec. The President was aged in brand new French oak barriques for 3 years, 2 years in French Puncheons, and then bottle aged for an additional 3 years totalling 8 years before its highly anticipated release. This well structured wine proves it is ready to drink now or cellar for another decade. Aromas of cedar, mint chocolate, leather, coffee bean, caramel and ripe stewed black plums. On the palate the wine is full bodied, velvety smooth and dry with notes of luscious black cherries, sweet baking spices and vanilla. Silky tannins and an extra-long, mouth-watering finish. This wine was well worth the wait! (1.5 L bottle)

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The Alliance Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery



A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, this is Blackwood Lane’s Signature wine. Full-bodied, complex and very juicy, with a cornucopia of flavours and aromas that make it a delightful sipping or food pairing wine. Aromas of spiced cherries, raspberry, cassis, violets, sweet oak, wet stone and cocoa. Bright, rich flavours of cherry, raspberry, graphite and cassis, with a strong mid-palate and an extra-long finish of cherries with a hint of cocoa.

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2009 The Referènce Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery

A blend of all five Bordeaux varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Deep ruby in colour with a high-toned, savoury-spicy nose of black plums with vanilla oak and note of graphite. Medium to full-bodied, rich and full on the palate, with plum, dark chocolate and oak spice flavours; Creamy mouth-feel and ripe tannins. A New World take on Pomerol. – Tony Aspler


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Cabernet Sauvignon Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery

Copper Cap, Limited Release

If you like a luscious wine, you will love the 2010 Copper Cap Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.  Fragrant and ultra rich with intense juicy flavours of cherry and raspberry. Succulent, smooth, beautifully balanced, with very fine tannins. Look for Kirsch cherries, sweet bell peppers, vanilla, and a hint of licorice. Harvested from rocky soil in Osoyoos, which gives this wine a gorgeous light minerality throughout. Pairs really well with coconut risotto, topped with lobster and prawns braised in garlic butter; also with beef tenderloin or a juicy steak.

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Merlot Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery


Only a small quantity of this bold and complex 2014 Merlot was released. It has developed tertiary aromas of stewed dark plums, cassis and chocolate with pronounced aromas of sweet vanilla and violets, and a luscious, full body of abundant fruit providing rich layers of ripe black plums, black cherries, sweet baking spices, vanilla and coffee. The tannins are soft and light and this Merlot has a characteristic heat that warms your palate. This wine is perfectly balanced acidity and an extra long velvety smooth finish that lingers on the palate long after the glass is empty!

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2014 Caberne Franc Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery

This is a very aromatic Cabernet Franc from our Osoyoos vineyards. Tantalizing aromas of sweet fruit, graphite, and jammy plums, with floral and vanilla notes. There is gratifying flavour from start to finish! Succulent and smooth, giving layers of sweet cherries and plums, white pepper, and a touch of sous-bois (earthy forest). Our 2014 Cabernet Franc is a very versatile wine that is a true crowd pleaser. This wine is excellent paired with many vegetarian dishes, savoury stuffed mushrooms and herbed crusted meats.

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2012 Special Edition Vicuna Roja



2015 Vicuña Roja

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc -- Alliance’s “Mini Me”!
Aromatic, medium bodied, earthy, fruity, and a little sultry. The bouquet is a concentrated blend of cassis, raspberry, plums, jasmine and sandalwood. It flows smoothly over the tongue and offers a generous punch of wild berries, cherries, juicy cranberries and earthy flavours from mid palate to long finish!

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2014 Ruby Rosé Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery



2014 Ruby Rosé

Our 2014 Ruby Rosé is a blend of late harvest Riesling and Cabernet Franc from our vineyard in Osoyoos. This rich, full-bodied rosé has layers of soft sweetness and bright acidity and succulent, slightly savoury flavours of ripe strawberries, rhubarb and soft, earthy herbs that make it a fine food pairing wine and a generous sipping wine. The floral, nutty bouquet has plentiful aromas of dried strawberries and apricots, and the finish is long and mouthwatering.

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Chardonnay Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery



2014 Chardonnay

Our 2014 Chardonnay is a beautiful, golden straw colour, perfectly balanced with medium acidity and body. This wine was aged in Burgundian French oak barrels for 24 months. The nose is buttery with floral aromas, as well as aromas of lightly toasted walnuts, pine nuts, golden delicious apples, citrus, and vanilla. A long finish with flavours of nectarine, lemon, and apple butter. This wine is delicious paired with Alfredo pasta, cooked shellfish, and creamy garlic risotto.

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Viognier wine by Blackwood Lane Winery

Our 2016 Viognier was harvested from a vineyard in the Naramata Bench. Beautiful aromas of juicy stone fruits, honeysuckle and fresh rose. On the palate, this wine is perfectly balanced with medium acidity and body. Flavours of tangerines and peach with a long finish. This wine pairs amazingly with herbed grilled chicken, saffron rice, and baked halibut with dill sauce.


Sea Buckthorn Riesling Wine by Blackwood Lane Winery

Join the millions of people who have discovered Sea Buckthorn! This super fruit was infused into our late harvest Riesling for those who want to enjoy wine and feel good about their health. Amber in colour, with aromas of apricot, caramelized pineapple, and golden raisins. Full body and off dry. A bit of botrytis – along with good acidity – rounds out this wine, offering a full citron, quince, and golden fruit mid-palate, with a juicy finish of tamarind, apples, and Sea Buckthorn.

Sea Buckthorn berries are considered to be a superfood with high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids (3,6,9 and the rare 7)!

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oak barrel-aged wines from BLackwood Lane Winery


30-day Limited Warranty

We make every effort to ensure our quality products are well protected from common environmental effects such as sunlight and oxidation due to defective corks. Our bottles are the heaviest and darkest in the industry and provide excellent UV protection, while our 100% sorted top-grade, extra-long natural corks ensure that our wines micro-oxygenate properly in a cellar environment without the risk of oxidation.

Although every effort is made to bring you the best quality wines in Canada, very rarely, a bottle might be off due to unforeseen circumstances. After purchase, wines are supposed to be stored in a cellar environment with no direct sunlight and kept cool, below 15C. We also recommend our products be properly decanted. Our products are guaranteed for 30 days from purchase. In the rare case that you encounter a problem, our replacement policy is as follows:

- Quickly pour the wine back into the bottle
- Ensure you seal the bottle using the original cork (we need this for further analysis)
- Please notify the winery right away or as soon as possible via email
- Bring the product back to the winery with dated receipt (or credit card statement)
- Exchanges only – no refunds. In the event that that particular wine is sold out, a credit will be applied towards another product.

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